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Nothing Is Better Than the Love of a Cat

ACAR Cat Stories

Browse through our ACAR Cat Stories to learn all about the cute kitties that have come through our doors.

Meet Phoebe

At ACAR, we believe that rescue is about hope — and Phoebe agrees. Recently, we met a woman who told us that it was a waste of time to try and raise premature, orphaned kittens because they wouldn't survive. This attitude goes against everything we believe in. If an animal is willing to fight for life, who are we to say that they shouldn't be given the chance? Phoebe is the perfect example. She is a five-month-old kitten who was premature and orphaned, yet she conquered every obstacle. Today, she is a fierce kitten who runs the house, but who will still take a minute to snuggle on the couch. Phoebe is a survivor, and her story may help change the minds of those who don't have hope for these babies.


Meet Butterscotch

A good friend of ours recently called to tell us that a kitten, Butterscotch, had been dropped off at Petco wasn't doing very well. We arrived to find a lethargic kitten covered in fleas. Fleas are horrible, especially for kittens and other baby animals. They suck the blood out of the animals, resulting in severe anemia in many cases. Kittens can die from anemia very quickly. One of the signs of anemia is white gums, while a healthy kitten will have bright pink gums. Gums that aren't a nice shade of pink let us know that something is wrong. With our support and rehabilitation, Butterscotch is now doing much better. All she needed was a few solid meals and solid brushing.

Meet Rupert & Angus

Get to know brothers Rupert and Angus! These two playful critters are the sweetest and most adorable kittens! They were saved from a horrible living situation, during which they did not receive adequate nutrition, care, or love. We raised them from a very young age, and now they are healthy and up to weight. After being neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped, all Rupert and Angus needed was to find their furever home. We're proud to say that these two boys have now found the perfect family to live with.

Grey Kittens

Meet Helios

When he first arrived he spent much of his time under the bed then finally he finally decided to come on top of the bed one day and fully came out of his shell. He is our first foster "fail" which means that we have kept him permanently as a part of our home and rescue. He is a mentor for kittens of all ages and cats of all sizes. He teaches them how to clean themselves, how to use a litter box, and even how to play well with others included kids, cats, dogs, and reptiles. When dogs come to our rescue that tend to want to chase cats, Uncle Helios faces them - he teaches them to respect cats. He is a great ambassador representing felines in our rescue. 

How You Can Help

Kittens are so cute and adorable that when people come across them in the great outdoors, they often assume that the kittens are in trouble. Their mom is usually nowhere in sight, and the pile of helpless babies seems like a crisis. This causes people to put on their 'good-deed' hat and take the kittens to a shelter or rescue. The sad thing is that these babies are not abandoned and, without their mother, their chance of survival drops substantially. The truth is that the mother cat will not come to the babies unless humans are nowhere to be seen.

In one instance, we were told that some kittens hadn't eaten in 30 hours, which, if true, is a real emergency. However, when we received them at 11 p.m. that night, they had eaten plenty in the previous few hours and were in no way abandoned by their mom. Unfortunately, these kittens are now essentially orphaned as a result of someone trying to do the right thing.

We're aiming to decrease the likelihood of these circumstances by educating the community about this common occurrence. Please be aware that if you see a group of kittens, do not touch them unless they are in immediate danger. This may include being left in a hot area or underneath a car. The best action to take is contacting a rescue organization to determine if these kittens do in fact need help.

ACAR Cat Gallery

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