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ACAR Dog Stories

Read through these ACAR Dog Stories for tales of the incredible canines we've been lucky enough to meet.

Felix After a Bath

Meet Felix

Felix is currently learning 'down' and 'focus,' two behaviors he has previously worked on separately. He has a habit of springing out of 'down' before looking up to make eye contact. To keep him in 'down,' we put a treat on the floor; once he finds the treat, he spends a minute looking for any other treats. After he realizes there are no more treats, he glances up at us to see if we'll put more treats on the floor. We say 'yes' and give him a treat from our hand. This is success: he's just performed 'down' and 'focus'! As Felix catches on to the game, he reduces the amount of time that he looks for treats on the floor and looks up at us more quickly.

Meet Skippy

A hospice nurse contacted us with a tragic story about a woman who was very sick and her 7 month old puppy named Skippy. Skippy was an adorable little mut, but there was no one to take him after she passed. She was very distressed by the thought of leaving him with no one to take care of him. One of our rescuers was able to pick him up and within a few hours the woman was able to pass in peace. A short while later, a young college girl contacted us about finding her very first dog a photography major at UCD. Skippy is now the subject of many wonderful happy photographs, adopted, living in an amazing furever home where he gets to live the full life he deserves.


Meet Hannah

Hannah has been adopted! We spent many hours socializing, training, and playing with Hannah over the past few months. While the hardest part is sending her off to her new life, we bravely brought his beautiful girl to meet her new best human friend, Casper. We taught Casper about Hannah's cues and how to play with her. Together, Casper and Hannah are learning to navigate this big world. This girl was so afraid of everything when we first met her — we were told she could never succeed. But we know that when you teach animals confidence, they can surpass your wildest dreams. Because of the support we have given her, Hannah will now get to help someone else. Hannah, we will miss you so much, but we could not be happier about your new family.

Meet Luna

Luna was adopted by a wonderful loving family! She adores her kids and now has the life we've wanted for her. This beautiful girl was on a shortlist to be put down because of her breed, but we've given her the chance she needed. Now, she gets to make her new family very happy. Luna is approximately ten months old. Unfortunately, her first owners neglected and abandoned her. A kind soul picked her up off the street and dropped her off at the local shelter. The staff, like many people, misunderstood her desire to chew as aggression. They informed us that she would have to be put down unless a rescue could rehabilitate her. Luna doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body. She's a giant bundle of energy with no manners, but she's smart and is learning fast. Working dogs are frequently labeled as aggressive because people view the breeds as scary. However, the truth is that all dogs can bite, and a bite from a little dog can be just as bad as a bite from a big dog. Part of being around a dog — whether it's yours or someone else's — is respecting the dog as a dog and recognizing the real warning signs. Don't assume that just because a dog is cute that they are also friendly. On the flip side, don't write off a German Shepherd just because they have big teeth. This gorgeous dog has the potential to be a fantastic companion. All she needed was someone to give her a chance.

Luna with Family
Maggie with Owner

Meet Maggie

We are very excited to announce that Maggie has been officially adopted by Heath and Tracy. It has been a long three months with this girl. She came to us injured and severely underweight. Many dogs who have experienced such hardship would be mean, but not Maggie. She only wanted love and attention. She loved resting at our feet and lounging on our couch. And today she is making the journey to the great Northwest to start a new life with an amazing family. 

Meet Cissy

Cissy is a four-year-old Pomeranian rescued from hospice. Due to her owner's illness, she spent six months receiving very little attention and love. She showed up at our rescue under weight, her coat was unevenly cut by scissors, and she was very mistrustful of humans. Through our rehabilitation program, Cissy rediscovered life. She went from uncertain to full of play. With proper dies and nutrition her coat came back. Cissy is now adopted and living in a family with two other Pomeranians. She is living a pampered life and we are so excited for her.

Kit Kat with Owners

Meet Kit Kat

Kit Kat's owner passed away over a year and a half ago. Because of her age, Kit Kat was on track to be euthanized. What a mistake that would have been. She is now a wonderful therapy dog who looks after a 95-year-old individual every day. She also helps to teach the new rescue dogs.

ACAR Dog Gallery

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